In the Prologue, go right when prompted.

From Chapter 3, correct route choices are highlighted.

He is wrinkling my dress

  • Leave him alone
  • Remove his hand


  • I am fine
  • I am not okay

It's coming from the tavern.

  • Do not check
  • Check

Whch one of these places should I hide in?

  • Behind the tree
  • Behind the fountain
  • Behind the wooden crates

Princess! Where are you going?

  • Explain
  • There's no time to explain.

She's come to fulfil your birthday wish. Isn't that right, my lady?

  • Tell her the truth
  • Play along

Varg must have badly hurt him.

  • You shouldn't have come here
  • We have to go back now

My eyes begin to sting.

  • Hold back the tears
  • Cry

Should I trust him?

  • Stay
  • Reveal myself

This isn't the time to argue with me, Lucette.

  • Listen to him
  • Stay with him

But it is also possible that Waltz would be able to do something about this situation with his magic.

  • Use Parfait's Potion
  • Ask Waltz to use his magic

This is getting awkward. Maybe I should say something...

  • Stay silent
  • Say something


  • Decline
  • Agree

I squint up at his face, but his features are blurry. I have to blink a few times to clear my vision.

  • I knew you'd come back
  • What took you so long?

Because this is the only way I can keep them safe.

  • What are you talking about?
  • ...

I will only take the crown if I can win it back.

  • I will have to rely on all of you
  • I will need your help

Question time. What kind of barrier should you use?

  • A shield
  • A deflector

The silence is deafening. He looks busy but maybe I should say something.

  • Say something
  • Remain Silent

So should anything go wrong, we need you to retreat, princess.

  • I understand
  • I would not leave you all behind

Remember that I will always share your burden, Lucette.

  • This burden is mine to carry.
  • ...
  • I know


  • Attack
  • Run to Waltz
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