When prompted, throw the tray at him.

From Chapter 3. Correct route choices are highlighted.


  • Turn and walk away
  • Walk toward him

What is wrong with him?

  • Pull my hand away
  • Slap him

For you, my sweet princess.

  • Accept the gift
  • Don't accept the gift

... Are you okay?

  • Attempt to flirt
  • Do not flirt

All I can do to make up for what I did to her is...

  • Apologize to Annice
  • Remain Silent

Right now, he almost looks serious. Did he mean what he just said?

  • Ask him if he meant it
  • Tell him off

No matter what he says, this does not lead back to the Marchen. It is not a scenic path, or a path at all!

  • Stop walking
  • Keep walking

I could try to go visit him, or I could go back to my room...

  • Go to Rumpel's room
  • Go back to my room


  • Defend Rumpel
  • Watch from afar

Which means this is the truth, isn't it?

  • ...
  • I am still his partner

And Rumpel mentioned a fight. Now is my chance to tell him...

  • Interrupt the conversation
  • Reconsider

Would you like someone to listen to your problems, princess?

  • Talk to him
  • Remain silent

I guess I'll just have to carry you up myself.

  • Struggle
  • Lean against him

You have beautiful eyes, you know.

  • Look away
  • Look at him

Delora just... complimented me?

  • Thank you
  • ...

Should I... go find him?

  • Stay in the room
  • Leave the room

I know what he is going to say before he even says it.

  • I love you
  • You love me?

I must do something.

  • I want to help
  • Is there anything I can do to help?

Do you have any idea where that might be?

  • The abdomen?
  • The neck?

Come with me quietly and you won't get hurt.

  • Scream for help
  • Go quietly

I turn to the king and to the rest of my stepfamily.

  • I am indeed the crown princess
  • It is nice to meet you