To be romantic and loving... that is the epitome of goodness. Show someone affection and they will return it twofold.


Rumpel / Chevalier Du Mont.
Sprite rumpel.png
General Information
Fairy Tale Curse Rumpelstiltskin
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 24

26 (Evermore)

Birthday December 12
Height 6'0"
Occupation(s) Doctor
Aliases Rumpel (Temporary Name)
Family and Friends
Family Bria (Ex-Fiancee)
Relationships Lucette (Friend/Love Interest)

Annice (Friend/Assistant)

Other Information
Education Medical
First appearance The Decision

Rumpel, or known by his real name Chevalier Du Mont. He is one of the romance options in Cinderella Phenomenon. He has the Rumpelstiltskin curse which causes him to have amnesia. He's extremely flirty, flattering any woman that he meets. He is also well-versed in medical matters and is surprisingly deep at times. In medical manners, he is very serious.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rumpel wears a checked forest green scarf (made by his ex-fiancee Bria) and burgundy cardigan with dark brown buttons and dark purple cuffs. Around his collar is a red bow tie. His pants are maroon with pink-ish pinstriped pants. His boots are a charcoal gray with a fur-like neck at the top. Rumpel wears red square glasses and often has a mischievous grin on his face. His eyes are purple and he has strawberry-blonde hair that fades to a light blonde at the tips.

Personality[edit | edit source]

When Rumpel is first seen, he is flirtatious and attracts many women with his flattery. He often tries to tease Lucette and flirt with her resulting in annoyance and failed attempts. While his compliments may seem shallow, many times he is seen giving Lucette genuine comments. After Rumpel unlocks his first memory, his attitude becomes more serious, especially in medical situations.

Brie describes him as, "So selfless that he is selfish," in reference to when he treated his patients for free. Because of this, he earned the name, "The Poor Doctor."

Curse[edit | edit source]

Rumpel's Fairy Tale Curse is Rumpelstiltskin. When working as a doctor, he gave 3 items to the Witch Doctor to save 3 lives of his patients. His 3rd item was his memories.

To break his curse, he had to read journal entries about himself which would appear in his own personal journal given to him by the Witch. These would reappear as memories about himself. He must gain 3 important memories by reading these journals.

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