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I know what it's like to lose someone precious to you.

—Queen Ophelia

Ophelia Widdensov
Sprite ophelia.png
General Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 36
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Tinted Blue
Occupation(s) Queen of Angielle
Baker (Before marrying the King)
Aliases Queen Ophelia (By Everyone)
Family and Friends
Family King Genaro III (Husband)
Rod (Son)
Emelaigne (Daughter)
Unknown Father Of Children (ex lover)
Lucette (Step-daughter)
Other Information
First appearance Ice Princess

Ophelia is a side character and the current queen of Angielle. She is the mother of Rod and Emelaigne, step-mother to Lucette. Prior to her marriage to King Genaro III, she used to be a baker. She is also King Genaro III's true love.

In Rod's route, he mentioned that their mother would have never married the King if their father hadn't died. However, not much is known about her former husband/lover apart from being dead prior to the story. It is also revealed that it is through Rod's deal with a witch to become a prince to try and get Viorica to fall in love with him that the remarriage came to be. Unfortunately, not even becoming prince made Viorica fall in love with Rod.