You will do whatever I wish.


Sprite mythros
General Information
Species Witch
Gender Male
Age Mid 20's
Hair Color Hunter Green
Eye Color Dark Champagne
Occupation(s) Hildyr's Apprentice
Aliases Myth (Real Name)
Family and Friends
Relationships Hildyr (Teacher)
Enemies Waltz
Other Information
Interests Hildyr
Talent Exceptional Magic
Strengths Magic
Weaknesses Emotion
First appearance Ice Princess
Last appearance The Mermaid's Voice (Frozen by Delira and taken away)

The Rescue (Alcaster mentions to have killed him)
Not like Mother (Chevalier kills him)
The Hunter (Killed by Hildyr)
The Queen (killed by Waltz)

Mythros or by his real name Myth is one of the antagonist in Cinderella Phenomenon. Even though he has the same teacher as Waltz, Waltz is still greater than Mythros in terms of magic.

Trivia Edit

  • He was taken in by Hildyr shortly after she had taken Waltz as apprentice and was a victim of the Witch Hunts[1]
  • Myth is just a year or two older than Waltz[2]
  • A Friendship route with him was considered but then scratched[3]

References Edit