You cannot rely on anyone but yourself. You cannot trust anyone but yourself.

—Lucette, Her Old Motto

Lucette Riella Britton
Sprite lucette
General Information
Fairy Tale Curse Cinderella
Species Witch 1/2
Human 1/2
Gender Female
Age 17 (start of the story)
18 (end of each route)
Hair Color Faint Pink And Red
Eye Color Gold
Birthday May 7
Height 5'5 / 167cm
Weight unknown
Occupation(s) Tenebrarum Bearer (End of Each Route)
Aliases Ice Princess (Formerly By everyone)
Love (By Rumpel and Karma)
Darling (By Rumpel and Karma)
Little Ms.Peasant (By Delora)
Little Star (By Waltz)
Family and Friends
Family King Genaro III (Father)
Hildyr (Mother)
Ophelia (Step-Mother)
Emelaigne (Step-Sister)
Rod (Step-Brother)
Relationships Rod (Step-Brother/Love Interest)
Fritz (Personal Guard/Love Interest)
Waltz (Childhood Friend/Love interest)
Karma (Friend/Love Interest)
Rumpel (Friend/Love Interest)
Enemies Mythros
Other Information
Interests Dolls
Talent Perfect Etiquette
First appearance Ice Princess

Lucette Riella Britton, better known as Lucette, is the character you play as in Cinderella Phenomenon. Her name can be changed if it is not to your preference. She is the crown princess of Angielle.

Personality Edit

During the prologue, she was shown to be worthy of the title Ice Princess as she generally had a cold stare and attitude to everyone around her even when they were being nice to her. Throughout, each route as she comes to love one of the boys and go through her good deeds her personality generally improves into a warmer one and she is shown to be compassionate and metaphorically has 'thawed.'

Appearance Edit

At the beginning her stare is shown to be very rude and cold and she barely showed any emotion other than annoyance. Over the time she grew to love one of the boys, her appearance is shown to change as she experiences more emotion, such as crying, laughing, smiling, and blushing. At the end of each route, she is shown to be generally happy with her partner and along with her overall appearance seems kind and compassionate.

Lucette's physical appearance seemingly is a slender girl with average height, along with pink and red tinted long hair tied in braids and side ponytail. At the beginning, Lucette's princess outfit is a pink gown, after being cursed by Delora, she temporarily wore a tattered dress. After being taken in by the Marchen, she wore a blue detailed dress with white, dark blue accents and frills along with baby blue shoes and gold headband on.