If you would open your eyes, you would be able to see how good people are.

—King Genaro Britton III

King Genaro III
Sprite genaro.png
General Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 40
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Tinted Olive
Occupation(s) King of Angielle
Family and Friends
Family Hildyr (First Forced Wife)
Ophelia (Second Wife)
Lucette (Daughter)
Rod (Step-Son)
Emelaigne (Step-Daughter)
Enemies Mythros
Other Information
Talent Perfect Etiquette
First appearance Ice Princess

King Genaro Britton III is a side character and crowned king of Angielle. He is a fair and just king trying to be a good father and ruler. Despite his good intentions, he fails to see that Lucette needs is fatherly affection and unbiased guidance that she failed to receive from her mother.

His marriage to Lucette's mother Hildyr was forced under a threat that she would kill his true love and ended up siring Lucette through this forced marriage. Under her reign, the king never really held any true power.

Through Rod's deal with a witch to become a prince, his true love is Ophelia and remarried her after Lucette's mother died. He treats his step-children Rod and Emelaigne warmly more so than his actual blood-related daughter Lucette, which garners him her spite. Unknown to him, Lucette used to yearn for his love, but eventually gave up hope on ever receiving it.

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