I am trying to protect you, my love.


Sprite hildyr.png
General Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color Faint Pink and Red
Eye Color Tinted Emerald Green
Occupation(s) Tenebrarum Bearer (Former) Queen of Angielle (Former)
Aliases Witch (By the Kingdom)
Ice Queen (By the Kingdom, by Lucette)
Family and Friends
Family King Genaro III (Forced Husband)
Lucette (Daughter)
Friends Parfait (Former best friend)
Employees Mythros (Apprentice)
Waltz (Former Apprentice)
Enemies Lucette
Other Information
Talent Exceptional Magic
Vulnerabilities True Love
Strengths Cryokinetic magic, shields, magic bindings
First appearance Ice Princess (mentioned)
Resurrection (actual)
Last appearance My Little Star (killed by Parfait)
Hunter (killed by Lucette)

Hildyr is the main antagonist of Cinderella Phenomenon. It was mentioned during her rule in Angielle, King Genaro had no power and all of the kingdom was afraid of her. She was mentioned to be a witch, the strongest witch of that and created the infamous Fairy Tale Curse once the Witch Hunt drove her insane.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Until her appearance in "Ressurection", Hildyr was never shown except from the neck down in Lucette's dreams. She was implied to be beautiful with a curved form and long hair.

Upon finally being resurrected from the crystal, Hildyr emerges. She had red-pink hair like her daughter and piercing green eyes. She wears a form fitting cream sheath gown laced by pink and overlayed by a violet cape that doubles as sleeves. The very ends of the cape are frosted.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of Hildyr's past. It is implied that she inherited the Tenebrarum Bearer from a relative and had been close friends with Parfait. Yet when the stories were written, Hildyr was able to feel every single time a Witch was killed in the Witch Hunts. Sorrow turned to madness and thus began her rise to power.

She had set her sights to become Queen of Angielle. She achieved this goal by forcing Genaro into marrying her and the two of them sired Lucette. Throughout Lucette's childhood, Hildyr manipulated her daughter's thoughts into thinking people would only use her and that the only love she needed was that of a mother.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Cold is the perfect word to describe Hildyr but regardless, she might have truly loved Lucette in her own, twisted way, as it can be heard in one of Lucette's dream. She was once a kind and selfless witch, and Parfait's best friend, but after the witch hunt the madness drove her to be cold and cruel.

Fairy Tale References[edit | edit source]

Despite having no fairy tale curses, Hildyr appears to be a combination of famous characters;

The Snow Queen

The Evil Queen

Captain Hook

Mother Gothel

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