From Chapter 3. All correct route choices are highlighted.

They do not deserve mercy.

  • Spare them
  • Punish them

Should I not have said anything?

  • Change the topic
  • Press the issue

The Delora doll was still in my room? But how...?

  • I am too old for dolls.
  • She is...


  • Keep walking
  • Stop

He starts to turn in my direction.

  • Stay still
  • Move back

Do you want to talk about it?

  • Tell him
  • Do not say anything

How did he know? Delora said he couldn't be the witch that put up the wards.

  • Back away
  • Stand your ground

What he says makes sense...

  • Doubt him
  • Believe him

How could a curse change Fritz into someone like Varg?

  • Defend Fritz
  • Say nothing

Well, this is a complication.

  • Move
  • Help them

Please let me help you.

  • Let him
  • Doubt him

Will you help me?

  • Mother is dead
  • Tell me what I must do

I'd never noticed before, but Varg's emotions are very clear if you know what to look for.

  • Press him
  • Leave it

About Fritz...

  • How do I break his curse?
  • Remove his curse


  • Stay silent
  • Protest


  • You are not supposed to be here.
  • Why did you come for me?

Be a good girl and go back to your room.

  • Reason with her
  • Stand your ground

What do I say?

  • It was my fault.
  • ...

There must be something I can do!

  • Follow Waltz
  • Help them

Where should I look?

  • Throne Room
  • Dining Hall

Now be a good girl and listen to Mother.

  • Run
  • Refuse
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