The Fairy Tale Curses were known to be feared throughout the kingdom of Angielle. The general concept of it was that the certain target would get cursed by a certain fairy tale and the story of it would be twisted to match the description of a curse.

Types of Curses Edit

  • Cinderella

The main heroine, Lucette is cursed with the Cinderella curse by Delora, a fellow witch. Generally, the target goes from riches to rags and anyone who is not cursed, a fairy, or a witch will forget about the certain target. To break the curse, you would need to do three good deeds.

  • Never Land

Waltz, has the neverland curse which generally makes him stuck as a boy forever, but he still ages. Hildyr, the creator of the curses stole his shadow and placed it within Neverland, a golden box, and handed it to Lucette. To break this curse you would need to find Neverland and Tinkerbell (A Golden Key.) Once unlocked, the target shall revert back to his physical form.

  • Little Red Riding Hood

Fritz has the Little Red Riding Hood which generally makes an alternate personality hence, the 'Big Bad Wolf' part. To break this curse you would need to generally mentally overpower this personality or otherwise, the alternate personality would destroy itself.

  • Rumpelstiltskin

Rumpel has the Rumpelstiltskin curse which goes by the same story. He gained the curse while he was a doctor. At first, he made a deal with the witch doctor. First, he exchanged a necklace for the safety of a boy, next he traded his engagement ring for the safety of a nobleman, Last, he gave the witch doctor his memories to save Bria. To break this curse, you would need to trigger right events to regain your memories in a notebook.

  • Beauty and the Beast

Karma, is shown to have this curse, which the main concept is basically the targeted user is both. The Beauty Part mainly attracts the opposite gender of the user to be attracted to their beauty and when they are the beast the enchantment wears off, and they are afraid of you. The only way to break this curse was to really have a loved one who loved you no matter what.

  • The Little Mermaid

Rod is shown to have this curse, which the concept is to basically trade your voice for an important object. In Rod's case he traded his voice to be a prince. Although, if their loved one does not return their feelings the user will vanish into sea foam. The only way to break this curse is to be with the one you love, generally in Rod's case his first love was Viorica, although in his route, he then fell in love with Lucette, then her returning his feelings.