I would like to try and be your friend.


Emelaigne Widdensov
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Emelaigne Happy.jpg

General Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 19

21 (Evermore)

Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Tinted Aqua
Occupation(s) Princess of Angielle
Aliases Em (By Rod)
Family and Friends
Family Ophelia (Mother)
King Genaro III (Step-Father)
Rod (Younger Brother)
Lucette (Step-Sister)
Relationships Fritz (Crush)

Lance (Boyfriend)

Other Information
First appearance Ice Princess

Emelaigne is a side character. She is the sister of Rod and step-sister of Lucette. She is very sweet and positive, beloved by all except the nobles, who look down on her and her family. She is filled with hope and love and never stops trying to befriend her stepsister. It is hinted that she is interested in Fritz as during the first visit to Viorica's toy shop, she blushed when Viorica mentioned Fritz is as handsome as she says in her letters.

In Rod's route, she becomes close to Lucette as she (Lucette) serves as her personal maid.

In Cinderella Phenomenon: Evermore, it is shown that she has started a relationship with Prince Klaude's younger brother Lance. It is even hinted by chapter five of Rod's route that they are planning on getting engaged.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Emelaigne is a happy and bubbly person. She is considered to be an angel. Most, if not all of the commoners believe that she should be the heir to the throne instead of Lucette. She really wants to be friends with Lucette, but she keeps pushing her away. However, she never stops trying to be Lucette's friend as she even buys her a doll from a toy shop owned by her friend, because she knows how much Lucette loves dolls.

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