Cinderella Phenomenon
General Information
The logo of Cinderella Phenomenon.
Producers Dicesuki
Release Date 4/4/17 (Official Release)
3/28/17 (Early Access)

Cinderella Phenomenon is the second otome game that Dicesuki has produced.

History[edit | edit source]


Routes[edit | edit source]

The recommended order to play the routes as plot can increase slowly but gradually would be as follows :

  1. Rod's Route
  2. Karma's Route
  3. Rumpel's Route
  4. Fritz's Route
  5. Waltz's Route

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • The game is powered by Ren'py Visual Novel Engine.

Promo Countdown[edit | edit source]

Full Promo Arts In Stripes



  • 6 Days Until You Break His Curse


  • Rod / step brother


  • Literally meaning six days until you can break Rod's Curse.

[Additional Information]

  • The background is an ocean-like area representing Rod's curse.


  • 5 Days Until You Unleash the Beast



  • Literally meaning five days until you can unleash the beast within Karma.

[Additional Information]

  • The background is representing the dark distorted area with an eyes of a beast with Karma in the middle, presuming it means Karma has more than one side to him.
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